Painting-Industrial,Commercial & Decorative

We are specialized in Chimney painting and provide guarantee of our work, working with different industry have given edge to understand the various surface and condition of chimney. As unit we are known in painting industry from this service.

Balaji Corporation has consulted and executed projects with 100%success ration.

Balaji corporation has decades of experience in painting job of pipeline at all different temperatures. Application of paint at surface and preparing for ready to use within given time line.

We’ve invested heavily in the right tools and equipment needed to prepare the interior and exterior of the pipeline for the heavily in epoxy and polyurethane coatings that can be applied to keep a pipeline flowing and functional.

Similar to other smooth surface, epoxy is very easy to keep clean. Most materials wash off easily and the hardness of the material makes permanent stains unlikely.

We work with many food-related industrial and it is critical for them to have the ability to keep their processing plant clean.

Many processing takes are placed outdoors, which can corrosion issues. with epoxy coating your tank will be able to with stand extreme temperatures.

Such as up 390 degrees will also be water resistant. No need to dread the spring, with epoxy coating you will be covered!

Chemical corrosion is common in industrial plants because harmful chemicals are often used for cleaning and machinery operation.

An epoxy coating is ideal because it will protect your tank from these harsh chemicals. Don’t let an accidental spill or leak ruin the exterior coating of your tanks!


We at Balaji Corporation are fully equipped with tools for application of all Residential, Commercial and industrial coatings includes: Through and complete surface preparation.

Exterior surface require different quoting based on industry background. With effective tools and rightly application of color on surface save lot of electricity.

At Balaji Corporation We have dedicated team for spray painting job, workers are well trained to work at dynamic surfaces.

Spray painting job itself is art which require intense focus to bring finest finish on surface. Spray painting takes less time as well man power, we also suggest our clients to prefer spray painting work.