Roof Sheeting

If you’re looking to replace your roof, given us a call. Our salesman are knowledgeable on many different roofing system not just our own, so they can answer most question regardless of the system you’re interested in.

Modified Bitumen a single ply roofing system that is often rolled onto the roof surface.

Built-Up Roof is very common because it is very inexpensive, and most facility managers and companies like to save money. Don’t you? BUR is also a very attractive and aesthetically pleasing roof as the top coat is typically gravel and looks very nice. It is also a great insulator because it has many layers.


This roofing System is highly reflective and very durable. PVC is one of the top flat roof options because  it is easy to install and lacks water permeability, meaning it can resist water ponding.

It’s three main benefits are very comparable to number 5 on the list, spray-applied roof coating.

EPDM is similar to PVC as both are single ply, but EPDM is rubber compound rather than plastic. EPDM Systems are very durable and have built a reputation around durability, but they are not without their weak points.

The seams in the EPDM System are treated with adhesives and this makes the seams vulnerable over long periods of time.