Our Services

Epoxy Coating

The outshining glossy look of Epoxy has revolutionized the interior of heavy industrial and commercial sectors with the highest standards of safety.

Painting & Decorating

Our services for ‘Residential, Commercial and Industrial Coatings’ are highly demanded in the market which includes primary services such as Interior and Exterior Priming and Painting.

Pipeline Painting

For heavy industries, pipeline painting is a serious responsibility to be protected from corrosion and other concerns such as wrong coating and lining.

Staining & Varnishing

To maintain a lively, sleek and polished look; staining and varnishing becomes an essential priority.

High-Pressure Painting and Power Cleaning

Whether it is to bring light on the finishes or to clean-off the mold or dirt from the surfaces; our team is well trained with the skills of altering & handling the nozzle for proper spray painting.

Plant Shutdowns Color Coating

To protect machinery from corrosion and other dirt absorption, color coatings add longer-life to your machinery.

Heavy Industrial Chimney Painting

Industrial Chimneys and Smokestacks are vulnerable to changing weather and corrosion. Hence, it’s a high-end responsibility to be fulfilled with the special teamwork.

Renovation & Expansion Service

For conventionally built structures such as office buildings or warehouses, our cross-functional expert team sensibly works on volumetric components and substantial elements of the building.

Replacement Service

Our smart and hardworking acumens are highly irreplaceable for their specialization of replacing all types of metal and flat roofs.