Epoxy Flooring Coating

The outshining glossy look of Epoxy has revolutionized the interior of heavy industrial and commercial sectors with the highest standards of safety. Our Team enhances the profile of the surface by considering elements such as surface porosity, surface to ground, resistance, film thickness, humidity, temperature, etc.

For fine adhesive or coating hard, our team heads for various mandatory levels of application (changeable with the types of epoxy applied)

  1. Pro Epishield Floor Sealer
  2. Fixing of Copper Tape
  3. Pro Epishield ESD under Coat
  4. HVI Floor Coating

There are many factors that impact on productivity in this field.

The productivity improvement are attributed to the technology advances in equipment and construction methods over the last two decades.

They are responsible for a number of on-site tasks, such as removing debris, erecting scaffolding, loading and unloading building materials, and assisting with operating heavy equipment.

Knowing the strength of the current, we meticulously calculate the bond line thickness of the epoxy.

Our wide range of services includes

  1. PuPolyurethane Concrete Floor Coating Services
  2. HD Epoxy Coating
  3. Epoxy Self Levelling Skid
  4. Anti-Corrosion and Protective Coatings
  5. Polyurethane Self Levelling Floor Coating Services
  6. Dielectric Insulation Epoxy Floor Coating Services