Pipeline Painting

For heavy industries, the pipeline is a serious responsibility to be protected from corrosion and other concerns such as wrong coating and lining.

Established in the Paint Industry as a trustworthy old group across the states, we deal precisely with the interior and exterior pipeline painting [note: in different temperature levels] which involves heavy duty epoxy and polyurethane coatings.

Our major responsibilities here are :

(a)  Selecting the right materials to keep the pipeline smoothly functioning.

(b) Applying the right tools and equipment.

(c)  Ensuring the safety on-site and health safety of the team as well.

(d)  Safety Certifications.

(e)  Coatings protection from an environmental outbreak

(f)   Our experience of more than decades helps us to caringly deal with the right choice of coatings. We do keep in mind the manufacturing processes

occurring in the Pipeline i.e. Successful Hydraulic Fracking or Hydraulic Fracturing.

Plasticon Composites International Contracting is aware of costly safety measurements at chemical plants, and the high level of maintenance & service contracts for storing chemical fluids.

As FRP is corrosion resistant, lightweight, high temperature-resistant and mechanically strong material: all characteristics for a perfect chimney.

we can show many reference projects of fiberglass chimneys operating care-free for decades.

Combining the strength of FRP and the chemical compatibility of plastics provides customers with a superior alternative to costly metal alloys and rubber-lined steel.

At balaji corporation we have dedicated team for spray painting  job, workers are well trained to work at dynamic surfaces.

Spray painting job itself is art which require intense focus to bring  finest finish on surface. Spray painting take less time as well man power.

Thus, hereby we help industries by making their Annual Maintenance of Pipeline safe and easy.