Renovation & Expansion Service

For conventionally built structures such as office buildings or warehouses, our cross-functional expert team sensibly works on volumetric components and substantial elements of the building.

However, for expansion or renovation of firm/warehouses entirely as newer ones, we carefully follow the mandatory codes and standards to consider the project completed on time.

Similar to other smooth surface, epoxy is very easy to keep clean. Most materials wash off easily and the hardness of the material makes permanent stains unlikely.

We work with many food-related industrial and it is critical for them to have the ability to keep their processing plant clean.

Many processing takes are placed outdoors, which can corrosion issues. with epoxy coating your tank will be able to with stand extreme temperatures.

Such as up 390 degrees will also be water resistant. No need to dread the spring, with epoxy coating you will be covered!

Chemical corrosion is common in industrial plants because harmful chemicals are often used for cleaning and machinery operation.

An epoxy coating is ideal because it will protect your tank from these harsh chemicals. Don’t let an accidental spill or leak ruin the exterior coating of your tanks!


Years of experience allow us to find unique solutions to all of our clients’ individual requirements. With a flexible approach to construction, we are able to minimize disruption to your day to day business operations.

Renovation & Expansion is one of the most important service in civil works. It comes into picture either due of structure or requirement of client who wants to expand his/her infrastructure for future.

Using the design of the expansion or renovating the firm or warehouses entirely new, we follow the mandatory codes and standards to get the project completed on time.